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 The life of this church is manifested when our LORD Jesus is revealed through the service of its dedicated members. You will want to become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life. Whether it is joining in community service or becoming part of the youth group we want for you to find a place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Make sure you check out the ministry opportunities we have to offer! 

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We believe that understanding the Bible's teachings about death and the afterlife is very important for Christians. This website has similar teachings and it explains the biblical basis behind these beliefs.
Seventh-day Adventist is a church that worships on the same day that Jesus did, the Seventh-day Holy Sabbath. This site explains the Biblical reason for this practice in the same way that anyone who hold the Bible as their ONLY authority will do.
Your religious experience will utterly be transformed when you finally understand the biblical meaning of hellfire. This website explains this hot topic with its biblical basis.
Amazing Facts is a dynamic, multifaceted soul-winning ministry of the Adventist Church. It uses every viable means to proclaim God's Good News to this perishing world.

This website provides many Biblical resources of different levels and in different languages.  


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This encyclopedic website, run by the official Ellen G. White Estate, has more in-depth information about the life and work of Ellen White.
Want to read the many works of Ellen White for yourself? This website hosts her complete published writings, with topical searches and more.
Want to learn even more about Ellen White? This website is highly recommended and has many excellent articles.
Still have questions? This website provides clear answers going more in-depth into the critics and their claims. 

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