Praise and Glory be to God! 

Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church was honored to present a $5,000 donation to Passion 4 Kids, for the benefit of Izaiah Wallis, of Vista, CA.  Stephen Wallis, a long time member of our church is Baby Izaiah ‘s great uncle.



Baby Izaiah was in his stroller on the sidewalk being pushed by his Grandfather when he was struck by a 17-year old juvenile driving under the influence of alcohol and critically injured

Baby Izaiah remains on a ventilator, feeding tube, paralyzed from the waist down and partially blind



The non-profit organization Passion 4 K.I.D.S was started by Charles and Linda Van Kessler in 1986 to help Kids in Desperate Situations. They are continuing fund raising for Baby Izaiah since they are trying to provide sufficient funds to purchase a home suited for his ongoing special needs.


Presenting the donation from our Church is 98-year-old Velma Peet, to Baby Izaiah’s parents Lucy and Jacob also pictured is Linda Van Kessler Co-Founder.